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Obama’s Right-Hand Woman Goes BONKERS On U.S. Marine… Immediately Regrets It

Since certain folks from the Obama administration feel the need to intervene and disrupt President Trump’s administration, we thought we take a short trip back in time and focus on what happened when when Valerie Jarrett was called out for something she didn’t do for our troops.

This kind of story was far too common under Obama’s Presidency. It seems like such a stark contrast between his Presidency and Trump’s time in office so far —  an administration who goes out of their way, literally, to help and respect our troops at every turn.

Truth Division had the story:

The Obama administration disrespected our military for eight long years.

And it still looks like they’re still doing that — months after President Donald Trump took office.

On Sunday, Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and senior advisor to former President Barack Obama, took to Twitter to openly thank the ACLU for their “service” to the United States.

Then, a U.S. Marine responded with a simple statement:

“You never thanked a single service member for their service in eight years. Looking forward to your perp walk.”

Then, Jarrett went full caps-lock on this marine:

“I thank you for your service since I see you were a marine. Now for the facts. For 8 years I thanked our service members ALL OF THE TIME!”

Except, this wasn’t true — and there is proof. A simple Twitter search shows that Valerie Jarrett has never thanked a service member in her entire Twitter career.

She’s not going to live this one down.

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