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NY Mets Call Up Tim Tebow Day After His Mom Gave Epic Pro-Life Speech

Tim Tebow was and still is admired by millions as the former NFL player who always attributed his successes to his Christian faith and wasn’t afraid to display it in a very public fashion. His strong faith earned him an equal number of haters (mostly liberals and atheists) as they couldn’t stand watching him mix sports with God.

Tebow’s mom, Pam Tebow, is another awesome human being who isn’t afraid to take a stand for the millions of unborn children who are slaughtered by baby-killing factories like Planned Parenthood. Just a day or so after she gave a riveting speech at a pro-life march, Tim got an amazing notification from the New York Mets organization.

Pam’s speech is at the bottom… it’s a must-watch!

Breitbart reports:

While the chances of Tim Tebow having a career in Major League Baseball may not be good, his audition in Minor League Baseball last year was good enough to get him an invite to spring training this year.

On Friday, the Mets official Twitter account tweeted that the team invited nine players to Major League Spring Training. You might recognize the seventh name:

According to Bleacher Report:

In his first full minor league season last year, Tebow hit .226/.309/.347 with eight home runs in 126 games between Low-A Columbia and High-A St. Lucie.

By receiving an invite to major league camp, Tebow can compete for a spot on either the Mets’ 25-man Opening Day roster or 40-man roster so he could be added to the MLB team due to injury or poor performance at any point in the season.

Position players are scheduled to report to spring training by Feb. 17 before the Mets have their first full-squad workout two days later.

Tim Tebow has worked hard preparing for the chance to compete in spring training. Whether he ever plays games at the major league level or not, as evidenced by his achievements last year and his invite to spring training this year, no one can call this a PR stunt anymore.

Daily Caller reported on Pam’s speech:

The mother of former Heisman Trophy winner and current minor league baseball player Tim Tebow gave a powerful speech at the March for Life on Friday.

Pam Tebow recounted how she became pregnant while she and her husband were working in as missionaries in the Philippines. The doctors said she had a tumor and pressured her to have an abortion instead of carrying baby Tim to term. But the Tebows refused and put their trust in God, Pam said.

“In the beginning it was a difficult pregnancy. We thought we lost him so many times. The best doctor in town did tests and determined that Timmy was a massive fetal tissue a tumor and I needed to abort and abort immediately or I would die. If I had died in childbirth, God still would be God, wouldn’t he? But because of our love for the life in the womb, we chose to trust God and refuse to have an abortion,” she said.

“During this difficult, tough pregnancy, I had no medical care, but I clung to our loving God and suddenly the bleeding stopped and my husband flew me to Manila and a wonderful American-trained pro-life doctor saved my life and the life of our son,” she continued. “And when Timmy entered the world, he said ‘this is a miracle baby, I never witnessed such a miracle,’ because only a tiny piece of the placenta was intact. He was malnourished and we asked everybody to pray that he’ll grow big and strong. If you’ve seen him lately, you know those prayers were answered.

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