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NRA Launches Epic New Goal… And They Need Your Help

If you cherish the Second Amendment and enjoy the powerful protection the National Rifle Association provides patriotic, law-abiding citizens who enjoy and own firearms — they need you.

A new membership drive they announced will help take their fight against the anti-gun left to the next level…

Breitbart reports:

The NRA is holding a membership drive with the goal of 100,000 new members over the next 100 days.

Fox News reports that NRA media relations manager Jason J. Brown said, “The NRA’s strength is in our dedicated and politically savvy members. Over the next 100 days we hope to welcome 100,000 new freedom-loving Americans to our ranks. The threat to our Second Amendment has never been greater.”

The drive comes after left-leaning activists, students for gun control, and media outlets in lockstep with both spent weeks flooding the airwaves with calls for more gun control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Many of the gun control activists blamed the NRA for the February 14 massacre and actually birthed a campaign to vote out politicians who take money from the NRA. One of the more explicit examples of this was the treatment of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) during CNN’s Parkland gun control town hall. The NRA and Rubio were both denigrated during the event, as celebrities responded to the shooting by criticizing the NRA.

The celebrity activism included Judd Apatow, who called President Trump a “coward” for not cutting ties with the NRA, Mia Farrow’s tweeting of names of senators and House members who received donations from the NRA, and Chelsea Handler’s tying Republicans and the NRA together, accusing both of having “blood on [their] hands.”

February Donations to the NRA PAC tripled amid the criticism and gun control campaigns.

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