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Nobody’s Talking About What Trump Did For Bolling

Misguided and agenda-driven liberals have spent their time pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump is some evil billionaire from the day he announced his intention to run for the presidency. What they completely ignore are the stories that are rarely heard — the ones of Trump reaching out to help friends, family and more often than not, complete and total strangers.

It’s no surprise… that would force them to admit that Trump — without a doubt — is one heck of a nice guy. What he did for beloved former Fox News host Eric Bolling after he lost his only son was nothing short of amazing.

Daily Caller reports:

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling shared a powerful story about President Trump calling him after his late son passed away from an opioid overdose at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday.

“I spoke to President Trump, in the deep, dark times that my wife and I were having,” Bolling explained. “We were going to sit down for the Thanksgiving dinner. There was an empty chair.”

“We are walking over to the table and the phone rang. It was President Trump who said, Eric, no one should have to lose a child and we are thinking of you. Very, very important that he did that”

“He has been great,” Bolling added. “He showed empathy and compassion, so I used it as an opportunity to say, Mr. President, can I come talk to you about this? And I have. I’ve gone to the White House a couple of times.”

Bolling lost his 19-year-old son Chase to an accidental opioid drug overdose last year.

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