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Angry Americans All But Shut Down Nike Call Centers With Kaepernick Complaints

While Nike might be celebrating a boost in sales after their controversial decision to choose Colin Kaepernick as the face of their “Just Do It” campaign, it doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer in other facets of business. They essentially abandoned a large chunk of their customer base and didn’t seem to give a rip about doing it.

But you know who did give a rip about their decision? Patriotic Americans across the country… and they were keen to let Nike know just how they felt by absolutely swamping their call centers with complaints about the second-rate, former NFL quarterback being the face of the company they once loved and supported.

Breitbart reports:

According to a report from Rolling Stone magazine, Nike’s call center got an earful from customers upset at the company’s latest ad featuring original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.

Calls into the company’s customer care center spiked in the week following the release of the ad, and,according to Rolling Stone, people were none too happy with the Kaepernick campaign.

The music magazine published what it claimed is an interview with a worker at the Nike call center, and he said that the lines were filled with people upset over Kaepernick.

The call center employee claimed to be black, was clearly supportive of his company’s work with Kaepernick, and was himself an anti-Trumper. The “worker’s” name was left out of the magazine’s story.

The employee said that call center operators had to put up with a lot of angry callers. In one case, the man said that a black call center employee was told by a caller that he didn’t care if a few cops “kill some n**ers every once in a while.” The worker also claimed that the black employee’s son had been harassed by police and the call hurt her feelings.

The Nike employee also claimed that many people said they were about to burn, destroy, or give away all the Nike merchandise they had in their possession. One woman said she would donate all her Nike gear to charity, and that she would never “give another cent” to Nike. She also added that she would divest of her Nike stock.

In other cases, Nike customers accused the company of “hating the troops” and turning against the U.S. military with its support of Kaepernick.

This goes to show that Nike has obviously upset millions of Americans who were, not too long ago, paying customers. Not anymore!

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