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NFL Week 2 Attendance Disaster… Look At All The Empty Seats

The NFL has already seen a massive backlash from half of its fan base (conservatives, mostly) over the National Anthem rule (or lack thereof) as well as the Nike/Colin Kaepernick debacle that literally had people burning their Nike gear and/or throwing it in the trash.

Last year, ticked-off patriotic Americans also sent a message to the league that included NOT buying tickets to games, which ended up leaving massive stadiums half empty, which can’t be good for business. Well, it appears the same thing is happening this year…

Breitbart reports:

We don’t yet know what the TV ratings for Week 2 of the NFL season will be. However, ratings aside, the league is still suffering very low attendance numbers.

Last week’s games for Sunday Night Football fell once again over the previous season with the September 9 slate of games down 9 percent over the 2017 season’s openers.

By Monday the numbers looked better for the league, but even as the ratings were rosier over 2017’s numbers, factoring in the fact that TV ratings were in the dumper across the board for the same weekend in 2017 because of Hurricane Irma, the numbers are less spectacular than they appear.

Meanwhile, Week Two also saw some empty stadiums across the league.

According to a post at the Twitter account, Empty Seats Galore, Los Angeles Rams fans “are already fed up” with the league and many empty seats were seen at Sunday afternoon’s game.

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