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NFL TV Ratings Take Another Nasty Turn… “Season Low”

The NFL has seen dismal numbers for many of their games — on nights that used to be the biggest draw for football fans across the nation.

Sunday night, which typically is prime time for NFL viewing, no matter who the teams are, proved that the NFL has definitely lost a good chunk of a formerly loyal fan base.

While there haven’t been many headlines about players kneeling for the anthem lately, this just goes to show that the damage has been done and until the league grows a pair and establishes hard and fast rules for the National Anthem, they’ll continue to suffer.

Deadline reports:

In a 26-14 win on SNF, the Ravens are now 3-1 this season and the Keystone State team is near the bottom of the AFC North. The game in Pittsburgh on Sunday also saw another type of bottoming out in the ratings for the league and the NFL, as the primetime Week 4 matchup drew a 12.3/21 in metered-market results to hit a season low.

The early number is down 10% from the Detroit Lions’ easy win over the New England Patriots last week.

However, compared to the near season low of the comparative Week 4 game last year, the metered markets for last night’s SNF is up 12%. A year ago, the Seattle Seahawks blew out the Indianapolis Colts on October 1, 2017 — the day of the tragic mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

The league bosses won’t show it because it wouldn’t make for good press, but there’s no doubt that while these ratings continue to generally stay on the lower side (sometimes setting new record lows), the loss of revenue is felt. Sure, they’ve been able to sustain those kind of losses for a few seasons now, but make no mistake — they won’t be able to for much longer.

That’s especially true given their upcoming competitor, XFL, is set to debut soon.

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