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NFL Scrambles To Fill Seats On Veterans Day Weekend… League Humiliated Again


Ratings and other figures are not yet available on the effect of the boycott of the NFL’s Veterans Day weekend games, but one good indicator may be the abundance of empty seats at stadiums.

The league and the television networks that are dependent on ratings performed the equivalent of rounding up the drunks and vagrants in a big city before a highly visible event and outside of a small handful of dead-enders, kept the kneelers out of the spotlight.

The majority of players took a break from their racial grievance mongering to stand in order to make it less obvious that they have been guilty of spitting on the troops and wiping their asses with the flag.

Even Seattle Seahawks loudmouth Michael Bennett stood, a first for a man who is as invested in making a political statement as his BFF Kaepernick.

And there were lots of theatrics at the Sunday night game – a 41-16 Patriots pummeling of the hapless Denver Broncos who appear to have quit on owner John Elway ever since he came out in defense of the flag and the national anthem back in September. The team has gone 1-6 since then and Elway should be prepared to clean the malcontents out of his locker room after the season.

Some of the scenes from around the country:

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