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NFL Legend Takes Stand For Anthem And Trump’s 2020 Campaign

While the NFL is filled with dramatic diva-like social justice warriors who disrespect our country, flag and national anthem by taking a knee on the field while it plays, there are others in the league — both past and present — who don’t share those views and are actually great Americans.

Legendary quarterback Jim Brown is that guy. And while we already knew that, what he just said about President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election will once again prove that this man is a true patriot…

Breitbart reports:

NFL legend Jim Brown has endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020, but he admits that the endorsement will make him unpopular among liberal black activists.

Brown made his endorsement during an appearance on the JT The Brick Show on Fox Sports Radio this week, but, the Hall of Fame running back did so despite knowing that the left would attack him, according to Daily Wire.

“I should be criticizing Trump on every level because he does certain things that call for criticism,” Brown said, “but when I look at television I see all these announcers become experts, and they’re pointing the fingers, and they’re not doing a doggone thing but pointing their fingers, I find myself really pulling for the president.

“Now, that would make me very unpopular in the black community, very unpopular with a lot of Americans,” Brown continued, “but I think that there are certain good things that are coming out of this presidency because we’ve never seen anything like it.”

Brown added that he feels it is his duty as a good American to endorse Trump despite the consequences. “I believe that I have to work on myself first to be as good a person as I could be to back up my country as best as I know how.”

Brown has been very vocal lately about how much he dislikes the NFL’s constant protests during the national anthem. So, maybe this endorsement is not a big surprise, after all.

Brown’s endorsement is just another example of blacks drifting from liberal orthodoxy in this era of Trump.

Liberals erupted in anger when rapper Kanye West said that he likes Trump and that blacks don’t have to vote for Democrats. Chance the Rapper suffered a similar backlash when he also said that blacks do not all have to lemming-like vote for Democrats. And just look at the daily attacks that black conservative Candace Owens is suffering every single day.

The left was also alarmed by recent polls showing that black support for Trump is growing.

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