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NFL Issues NEW Update On National Anthem Situation… Millions Are Furious

Never in our lives did we expect the NFL — once the premier sports league arguably of the world — to cower at the demands of players and team owners who insist they be allowed the ability to protest America and the flag by kneeling for our National Anthem.

To call it sad is an understatement… but even worse, the NFL once again issued an update on the situation and it has millions of blue-collar, football-watching patriotic Americans quite upset. The article below is from CBS, so they try their hardest to put a positive spin on the situation, but we bolded the important part that you need to know about…

CBS Sports reports:

Discussions between the NFL and NFLPA are still ongoing, but it is not expected that the sides will have agreed on a new national anthem policy by the start of the season. According to a report from’s Dan Graziano, however, talks are still ongoing and there is optimism that an agreement will eventually be reached.

Members of the NFLPA’s executive committee met with select owners earlier this week to discuss the policy. In a joint statement Monday, the sides labeled those talks “productive” while noting they “remain committed to working together on solutions.”

Sources familiar with that meeting told Graziano that as the talks continue, each side is curious to see how the other handles issues that arise moving forward, such as whether players will continue protesting during the anthem, what owners and/or the league will do, and if President Donald Trump continues to mention it.

According to Graziano’s ESPN colleague, Kevin Seifert, it’s possible the policy that had been in place through the 2017 season will remain in place until the league and players agree on a new one.

The NFL’s owners had previously approved a new policy back in May, but that policy was met with almost immediate pushback by players. (It was also met with pushback from the president, making it clear that the owners’ attempts at appeasement did not and likely would not work.) As it was written, the new rule called for all players and personnel to “show respect for the flag and the anthem” and calling for teams to be fined if any players or personnel kneeled or sat while the anthem was played. The rule also would’ve allowed players to stay in the locker room during the national anthem if they didn’t want to be on the field.

In mid-July, the NFL and NFLPA made a joint announcement that the policy had been put on hold. (Also put on hold was the grievance the NFLPA filed against the NFL for pushing through a new policy with zero input from the players themselves.)

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