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New 2020 Swing State Polls Just Sent Anti-Trumpers Into Complete Panic

Though you won’t hear about it on 99% of the mainstream media, it’s undeniable that within his first year as the top dog, President Donald Trump has done more for making America a better place than most Presidents in recent history.

Many CNN/MSNBC and other liberal media outlets love to talk about his “low” ratings and poll numbers, but all those polls are done by heavily liberal companies. Instead, lets look at the polls that really matter — the ones in the states that determine who wins…

Breitbart reports:

A series of swing state polls show that President Trump is in much better re-election shape than our disgraced media would lead you to believe.

Axios commissioned 10 Survey Monkey polls to look at the upcoming Senate races in those states Trump won in 2016. While there is plenty of bad news for Senate Democrats, a potential loss of five to six seats, the good news for Trump is that his job approval rating in the key swing states he will need to win a second term, is well above his national rating.

Wisconsin: 48 percent.

Michigan: 47 percent.

Ohio: 54 percent.

Pennsylvania: 46 percent.

Florida: 46 percent.

As of now, Trump’s national job approval ratings sits at around 40 percent.

Nevertheless, those states above are the five Trump will need to win a second term in 2020. The most surprising number is Ohio’s 54 percent, which is where every presidential campaign starting in 2000 has been so bitterly and closely fought. The president is in excellent shape there.

As an incumbent, he is also well within the norm to retake Wisconsin and Michigan, two states that were considered safely in the Democrat column until the night before Trump’s upset win in 2016.

Pennsylvania and Florida are a little further out of reach, but Trump would only need to win one of those to win re-election with 270 electoral votes, and that approval rating of 46 percent is with Trump standing all alone in the middle of an anti-Trump media tsunami.

Being up against an actual opponent, especially one as far-left as the Democrats are sure to nominate, can only help.

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