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Network Gives Pro-Trump, Successful “Roseanne” Reboot AMAZING News

Americans proved this week that conservative-friendly television shows can score bigger ratings than network executives thought possible. With over 18 million viewers for its first show, the pro-Trump ‘Roseanne’ reboot is making waves in the industry.

Even after the huge ratings and a congratulatory call from President Trump himself, Roseanne just got another helping of great news from the brass at ABC…

DailyCaller reports:

A source at ABC told CNN’s Brian Stelter Thursday that the “Roseanne” reboot is set for “imminent” renewal.

Currently, the second iteration of the 90s sitcom is slated for an eight episode run, but the source claims the huge ratings posted by the premiere — 18 million viewers — has convinced the network brass to strap in for another season.

The reboot’s first episode focused heavily on pro-Trump rhetoric, and many claim that the show’s success stems purely from the fact that it doesn’t demonize Trump voters.

“She’s talking about jobs and the economy and how her family almost lost her house and President Trump was actually talking about jobs,” Meghan McCain stated on “The View” Thursday. “That’s something you don’t see on television. Most of the time we see how Trump supporters have horns and they’re horrible and they’re ruining the country.”

“It’s interesting to see that ‘Roseanne’ scored the highest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri,” she added. “That’s red America watching.”

President Trump himself has touted the shows success in recent days.

He reportedly called star Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the ratings and brought up the premiere at a Thursday speech in Ohio. (RELATED: ‘It’s About Us!’ – Trump Touts ‘Roseanne’ Success In Ohio Speech)

“Look at ‘Roseanne.’ Look at her ratings,” Trump stated. “”How big were they? They were unbelievable! Over 18 million people! And it was about us!”

Deadline previously reported that the Barr-led cast already has deals in place for additional episodes, yet the details have not been released.

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