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NBC Hack Comes Under Fire After Mocking Christians Before Easter

It’s no secret that most of the mainstream network media aren’t exactly cheerleaders for Christianity, but this NBC moron crossed the line with a poorly-worded tweet about Good Friday. We know they’re used to pandering to their Godless, liberal audience, but make no mistake — he upset Christians on both sides of the aisle.

If this wasn’t an attempt to mock Christians during one of the most important times of the year, we don’t know what is.

Fox News reports:

NBC’s Chuck Todd has been slammed online after he took to Twitter last week to offer his thoughts about Good Friday.

The “Meet the Press” host said that he was a “a bit hokey” about the religious occasion.

“I don’t mean disrespect to the religious aspect of the day, but I love the idea of reminding folks that any day can become “good,” all it takes is a little selflessness on our own part,” he wrote. “Works EVERY time.”

Todd’s words drew ire online from some.

“The day of Jesus’ crucifixion is considered a victory of Good over Evil, Chuck,” one critic responded. “Your ignorant and insensitive comment should get you fired.”

Another account claimed the journalist’s tweet was “clearly meant to mock Christianity.”

“Chuck, you just don’t get it, another example of Media snobbery and dis’ing Christians in your own subtle way,” a different account tweeted.

NBC representatives did not immediately return a request by Fox News for comment on Sunday afternoon.

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