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Monday Night Football Ratings CRASH… “Lowest Numbers In A Decade”

Folks, the NFL is in trouble. Big trouble. They started off the 2018 pre-season with less-than-stellar ratings and fans across the nation took a stand against the league after they refused to enact any rules against kneeling for the National Anthem.

And it’s not getting any better — the league opened up Monday Night Football, which used to be one of the biggest draws of the week, with numbers that reached lows we haven’t seen in quite some time… like a decade. And that’s extremely sad.

Breitbart reports:

The NFL’s primetime numbers suffered greatly during the season opener, and on Sunday Night Football. And as the early returns from Monday Night Football start to trickle in, that trend doesn’t look like it’s changing.

According to Austin Karp — assistant managing editor at SportsBusiness Daily — the numbers for the early game were historically low:

Deadline Hollywood reports:

While at first glance the difference between this year and 2017 may seem small, it is important to remember that due to the chaos from Hurricane Irma last year not all markets reported in with early numbers. So, the results for the Minnesota Vikings’ 29-19 win over the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos’ 24-21 victory over the LA Chargers were based on just 48 of the usual 56 markets that make up the first round of ratings. Meaning that the ratings decline for this year might be more in line with the overall sagging response the NFL and its various broadcasters have been receiving the past couple of years.

All signs point to another disastrous season for the NFL (probably even more so than last year, which is saying something), especially as conservative Americans take a stand for what’s right.

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