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Mexican Citizen Records What Migrant Caravan Did To His Town… Then Asks 1 Question

The now infamous migrant “caravan” (really, it seems more like an army), is reportedly up to 14,000 strong and they’re making a march toward the U.S. border, with plans to ask our government for asylum.

Unfortunately for them, our top leadership, including President Trump himself, has not only refused to entertain their demands, but he’s also heavily considering deploying troops to the border soon to help quell the influx and potentially dangerous situation for border patrol agents and authorities.

The main narrative of the left and from members of the caravan itself is that they’re oppressed, starving, tattered and all but hopeless… and that may be true in some cases, but what one Mexican citizen recorded as the army stormed through his town tells a different story.

Mexican citizens furious about the trail of trash left by the invaders. The narrator describes how the donated clothes and food is discarded in the streets. He questions what kind of poor and hungry people would do such a thing. from r/The_Donald

As you can see, the narrator of the video isn’t thrilled with the disastrous trail the army of migrants left in their wake, but what’s even more disturbing, as he points out, is the amount of food and clothing (and other supplies) just laying in the street. Perfectly usable supplies.

Now, for a starving, beaten-down group of people, doesn’t that seem just a little bit odd? Go on, use your critical thinking here. Many top conservatives have floated the idea that these caravan members are being funded by Western operatives of the Democrat party.

IF that were true, that would explain why perfectly good supplies are discarded like trash in the street.

But we’ll likely never know. All we do know is that within a few weeks, their will be an army of potentially illegal aliens at our borders and the liberals can’t wait to get the cameras on them.

All we can do is pray for the men and women in uniform, like our border patrol agents, who will face one of the greatest challenges of their careers.

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