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Maxine Waters Just Held a “Rally”… Literally Under 20 People Showed Up

Maxine Waters aka “Auntie Maxine,” who desperately wants to be the hip, fresh face of the Democratic party (even though she’s ancient), is no stranger to complete humiliation. She’s made countless errors in speech and actions over the past few years in her efforts to “take down” President Trump.

But her most recent blunder is perhaps her most embarrassing to date. She held a meet & greet for millenials — giving the young minds a chance to shake hands with “Auntie Maxine.” What happened next is cringe-worthy…

DailyCaller reports:

Maxine Waters has turned around her congressional career by hitching her wagon to the Resistance movement. One of the most outspoken advocates against Donald Trump in Congress, Waters has seen her media influence skyrocket in the era of Trump.

But that new social media cache not translating well to the youth in her district if her recent “Auntie Maxine” meetup is any indication.

The candidate held a Meet & Greet Tweet-A-Thon on Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in her district in Los Angeles. A promotional card for the event advertised that “top social media influencers” would be on hand to support “our fearless champion in Congress.”

“Come join top social media influencers for a tweet-a-thon in support of Auntie Maxine, our fearless champion in Congress who taught us how to reclaim our time! We are coming together to amplify congresswoman Waters is voice and highlight her many achievements throughout her career. Millennials come energized & ready to get out the vote!”

A video posted of the event, however, shows fewer than 20 people in the room. That’s including Waters. When the camera panned to the room where the event was being held, many empty chairs and tables can be seen. The small group of supporters huddled in a circle to tell the congresswoman what issues they care about, and to listen to Waters talk about housing, the border, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and her congressional opponent, Omar Navarro.

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