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Man Holds Up Sign During National Anthem That Had Liberals TICKED

The National Anthem debate has sparked responses from all sides of the political aisle, with politicians clamoring to appease their constituents by either taking a stand for or opposing the nation’s song before football games.

Some citizens have taken it upon themselves to use the playing of the song to make a point — either by taking a knee, ignoring it altogether or in this case, holding up a huge pro-Republican sign…

DailySnark reports:

For the first time since 2016, the National Anthem controversy isn’t dominating the headlines across the entire NFL as players aren’t participating in the protest as much.

However, that doesn’t mean others in the stadium on Sundays’ aren’t using the anthem for protest.

Just ahead of today’s Jags-Cowboys game in Dallas, a fan stood on the base of the stands at AT&T Stadium with signs that urged fans in attendance to “vote attendance” and to ‘stop abortions.’

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