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Mail Bombs, Caravans, #MeToo, And Russia Will Not Make Me Vote Democrat… Here’s Why

A deranged man sending pipe bombs in the mail to Democrats will not make me vote Democrat.

A sexual assault allegation against a Supreme Court nominee will not make me vote Democrat.

A never-ending Russian collusion narrative will not make me vote Democrat.

An incoming caravan of migrants will not make me vote Democrat.


Because at the end of the day, these events — coordinated or not — are a chaotic distraction from the fundamentals of American politics. Which party has a platform that’s going to make America and its people prosper?

And I’ve decided that’s the Republican party — the party of smaller government, lower taxes, strong borders, personal responsibility, and individual freedom.

And many Americans will be deciding the same.

They see President Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues in Congress getting things done that positively affect the citizens of the United States — by increasing national defense, reducing taxes, and cutting red-tape. Make no mistake — Americans have witnessed President Trump single-handedly revive an economy that Obama brought to its knees. I have zero doubt that the President and his party will be rewarded for that come November 6th.

They also see Democrats complaining about this incredible progress — when they aren’t not exploiting a crisis, that is.

The choice is clear for these high-stakes midterms. The future of this great nation will hinge on a massive Republican turnout at the polls. So lets help keep our country on the right track — especially for our children and grandchildren. They deserve it.

I’m voting for Republicans and I hope you’ll join me.

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