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Madonna Apparently Made a Big Move To “Get Away From” Trump

Celebrities swore up and down before Trump was elected that they’d leave the country if he won. Of course, he did, and of course, they (mostly) didn’t. All talk.

But one celeb, Madonna of all people, apparently (partially) kept her word. Our only request is: please stay there and stay out of America!

DailyWire reports:

Madonna, in a new interview with Italian Vogue, suggested that she relocated her family from the United Kingdom to Lisbon, Portugal, because of Donald Trump.

The singer, who is now in her sixth decade of recording, told Vogue that “this is not America’s finest hour,” and that she needed the breath of fresh air Europe could provide from her difficult existence in New York.

“I felt like we needed a change, and I wanted to get out of America for a minute,” Madonna told the magazine, according to Fox News.

She also wanted to move to a country, she said, that doesn’t hate soccer so much, so her son could perfect his game.

“I’ve been desperate to get [David] into the best academies with the best coaches, but the level of football in America is much lower than the rest of the world,” Madonna explained. “I saw his frustration, and I also felt it was a good time.”

Madonna hasn’t lived full time in the United States, however, for much of the last 20 years. Before moving her family to Lisbon to allow her son to attend a prestigious soccer academy, the 60-year-old singer divided her time between New York and London. She was even, at one point, so smitten with the U.K. that she adopted a fake English accent that she used in public interviews.

Now, she says, she’s settled in Portugal, at least for the next two years.

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