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LaVar Ball Shakes Up The Sports World With Unexpected National Anthem Defense

Every once in a while, a sports personality comes along who surprises everyone by having the intestinal fortitude to defend standing for the National Anthem. That’s exactly what LaVar Ball just did, but with an extra twist that’ll definitely have liberals and elitist athletes in the NFL highly upset.

SmokeRoom reports:

LaVar Ball made it clear over the weekend that NFL players should leave the league if they don’t want to stand for the national anthem.

Ball told TMZ Sports that he thought the new anthem rule requiring players on the field to stand probably went too far, but what he said next was very surprising.

“It’s their league. If you don’t want to do it, get out their league,” Ball told TMZ Sports.

First off, I missed this video until I stumbled across it Sunday. That’s pretty rare considering Ball usually garners way more attention. I also didn’t expect Ball to have that answer at all. I’m actually legit shocked that the conversation took that kind of turn after it initially sounded like he was against the NFL.

It should be fascinating to see how Ball’s fanbase takes these comments, or if they create problems for his NBA rookie son Lonzo.

To be honest, I very much share this same viewpoint. Regardless of your views on the anthem, players are employees. I don’t have the right to walk into my office and just start kneeling if the people cutting my paychecks tell me not to. It’s no different in the NFL.

Players are extremely well-paid employees, but they’re still employees. This also might be the first time that LaVar Ball has said something that a lot of people agree with. Pretty crazy that his take on the NFL anthem protests is one of the mildest takes he’s ever had.

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