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Kurt Warner Turns On American Flag… Supports Anthem Kneeling Players

Kurt Warner, former all-star NFL quarterback and loved by many, completely shocked past and present fans last week when he surprisingly decided to support fellow NFL players who choose to kneel for the National Anthem.

As a staunch Christian and all-around good guy, it’s nothing less than disappointing that Warner would take that route. We honestly thought he had more sense than that. Guess not.

Fox 2 Now reports:

ST. LOUIS, MO — Former Rams quarterback Kurt Waner tells TMZ that he would support his teammates who choose to kneel during the national anthem. But, he says that he would never kneel during the anthem.

“This has been about social injustice, social equality and that’s what they’re standing up for and, I don’t care if you’re my teammate or not, I’m always gonna stand up and believe for that,” said Kurt Warner.

Warner says that he understands that the protest isn’t about disrespecting the armed forces and he hopes that others get that too. He would stand to respect members of his family who have served in the military, including his wife. Brenda Warner is a former Marine.

Related story:

The NFL’s warmup games are in full swing — and the National Anthem protests are back. Several players on Thursday took a knee, raised a fist or did not take to the field while the anthem was played before a dozen games, as the league’s first full week of preseason contests kicked off.

This comes just weeks after the league suspended what was supposed to be a new policy barring such demonstrations.

The anthem protests — meant to draw attention to racial injustice — have happened with varying participation since 2016, pulling the NFL into a public debate that has seen President Donald Trump call on team owners to stem them.

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