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Kimmel Cracks Anti-Gay Joke… LGBT Community Instantly Attacks

Jimmy Kimmel, the struggling late-night “comedian” who can’t seem to keep a steady viewership, is under fire from all sides this week after a tweet war with Fox News’ Sean Hannity turned ugly — VERY ugly.

Kimmel is a typical hypocrite liberal. He made fun of Melania Trump’s accent last week (she speaks five languages) and now he’s using derogatory gay slurs about the President. So much for all that “tolerance,” eh?

Breitbart reports:

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is facing criticism after repeatedly making lewd jokes suggesting a homosexual relationship between Fox News host Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump.

During a heated Twitter exchange between Kimmel and Hannity, the ABC funnyman repeatedly suggested that President Trump and Hannity were having a sexual relationship.

“When your clown makeup rubs off on Trump’s ass, does it make his butt look like a Creamsicle,” Kimmel quipped in response to a Hannity tweet claiming Kimmel had sexually harassed young women.

“Don’t worry – just keep tweeting – you’ll get back on top! (or does Trump prefer you on bottom?) Either way, keep your chin up big fella..XO,” Kimmel later responded after Hannity called him a “pervert” and “Harvey Weinstein Jr.”

However, Kimmel’s vile jokes sparked a backlash from several social media users, who accused him of alienating his LGBT audience and trivializing their lifestyle choices.

“YOU THINK YOURE JUST FEUDING HANNITY, CONGRATS PAL YOU JUST ALIENATED YOUR LGBT VIEWERS,” one user named Scott Linnen wrote, adding that Kimmel’s behavior had made him “physically ill.”

“So, it’s OK for you to make homophobic slurs? What an asshole,” added one individual.

Another person accused Kimmel of liberal hypocrisy.

The beef between the two men began on Wednesday when Hannity called Kimmel a “despicable disgrace” over jokes he made about Melania Trump’s accent and grasp of the English language.

Kimmel, who has built a reputation as one of comedy’s most vocal anti-Trump voices, responded during his opening monologue on Thursday evening with a bizarre sex rant about whether Hannity could get an “erection”

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“Sean Hannity’s problem is that for eight years, while Obama was President, he was unable to get an erection,” Kimmel said. “For eight years, not one erection. And he tried everything … he tried looking at pictures of Paul Ryan with his shirt off. Didn’t work.”

“[Hannity] went to office Christmas parties with Bill O’Reilly,” he continued. “Nothing worked. But now that Trump is president, here’s the twist, Sean Hannity is unable to have anything but an erection. He’s had an erection since November of 2016. And it’s driving him mad. He’s lost his mind.”

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