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Kaepernick’s Attorney Claims “Conspiracy” Between Trump And Jerry Jones

Colin Kaepernick, the former bench-riding, second-rate NFL quarterback who ignited the kneeling controversy a few years ago is still fighting to land a gig on the field. The only problem is that he’s toxic, and no team will come within a 100 miles of signing him for water boy, let alone a starting player.

His attorney, Mark Geragos, dropped what he wants the media to believe is a bombshell about some kind of conspiracy between President Trump and Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones… this ought to be good.

Breitbart reports:

Colin Kaepernick’s lead attorney Mark Geragos, claims that a protective order is preventing him from telling the public about a conspiracy between President Trump and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones.

Geragos has been representing Kaepernick and fellow player Eric Reid in a grievance case against the league charging that league officials and team owners are working secretly behind the scenes to keep the two players on the sidelines and left unsigned.

But Geragos is now claiming that President Donald Trump is also “colluding” with the league and owners, according to Pro Football Talk.

“The president tweeted about how lame the national anthem policy was,” Geragos said on Saturday on his Reasonable Doubt podcast. “Then Jerry Jones came out and said they’re going to stand during the anthem. . . . The president then retweeted basically an attaboy to Jerry Jones. Now, I’m under a protective order, so I have to be very careful as to how I phrase this. But the protective order I take great offense at because I think basically it is muzzling me, for a variety of reasons. If I see a conspiracy that is violative of the law, does a protective order mean that I can’t talk about it?”

The lawyer added that he could say more, but he is not allowed to do so.

“I know what really is going on between Jerry Jones, the president, the anthem policy — why they’re doing all this. And they’ve already tried to admonish me,” the attorney said. “Whenever I want to talk about something that I think the public should know, that . . . this is a partisan political issue, and I’ve got proof of it, but I’m under a protective order. . . . People don’t actually understand what’s happening behind the scenes with the Cowboys and the president.”

Geragos then claimed that he thinks what Trump is doing is a “crime” and wondered allowed why he is not allowed to talk about it in public.

The lawyer also said that he thinks Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones was “the only honest owner” who testified to what happened to Kaepernick and Reid during the depositions for his “collusion” case. “I think he spoke the truth,” Geragos added.

Geragos said he thinks that ultimately, when all the facts come out about his accusation of “collusion,” the NFL will look very bad and his clients will look good.

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