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Kaepernick Loves Himself So Much, He Wants To Trademark Two Body Parts?

Colin Kaepernick, the leader of the original anti-National Anthem movement and former NFL quarterback, absolutely loves selling his fans overpriced gear (and making tons of profit while only donating 20% to charity), while being a proponent and hero for the “social justice” community.

He also apparently likes himself so much that he wants to file a trademark to protect the one thing he holds most dear… his face. That’s right, Kaepernick wants to… let me take a deep breath here … /trademark his FACE/.

Who does this?

Breitbart reports:

Colin Kaepernick, former NFL quarterback and inventor of the national anthem protest, has filed for trademark protection for a graphic depiction of his face and hair, a report notes.

Kaepernick’s company Inked Flash submitted the filing on October 6, ESPN said:

The submission notes that the image is intended to be used for a wide variety of upcoming products including “everything from shampoo and hairspray to jewelry and lampshades.”

The filing also says that they plan to use the image for social justice work such as projects, “providing classes, workshops, seminars and camps in the field of self-empowerment and awareness to properly interact with law enforcement” and “production of television shows and films.”

It is not exactly clear what plans Kaepernick’s company has for future products and projects, but he recently sold out a line of “#ImwithKap” football jerseys after sportswear giant Nike debuted its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” advertisement featuring a close-up of the player’s face.

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