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Kaepernick Gets Hall Of Fame News… But It’s Not From The NFL

Colin Kaepernick is probably one of the happiest people (formerly) in sports. He’s getting paid a bajillion dollars from a 10-year Nike contract, he’s selling $175 jerseys to his fans (which look like they take about $10 to make), and he’s living the dream as a “social justice” icon.

The former second-rate bench-riding QB got more good news this week — from his high school’s hall of fame committee. We’re pretty sure in saying that this will probably be the only hall of fame action Kaepernick ever gets, unless the NFL bows to political pressure down the road.

Breitbart reports:

Colin Kaepernick’s California high school is set to induct him into its hall of fame, a report says.
The former San Francisco 49er quarterback who became famous for inventing protests during the playing of the national anthem, attended John Pitman High School in Turlock, California, and graduated in 2006. Now the school will add the player and eight other alumni into its hall of fame on November 3, according to The Hill.

Kaepernick played three school sports including baseball, football, and basketball, helping to lead the school to its first playoff win when he was a senior. However, it is his actions since graduation that brought the school’s notice.

The school says that Kaepernick is being inducted into its hall of fame because of his “contribution to the history” of the school’s athletes.

“Colin was chosen, like all the others, for their contribution to the history of athletes here at Pitman,” Pitman High School Athletic Director Dave Wells said. “Of course, he was an outstanding athlete and a three-sport star.”

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