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JUST IN: UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Evacuated…

The Hill

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was escorted from a U.N. camp for displaced persons in South Sudan on Wednesday amid protests opposing that country’s president.

The protests broke out after residents became upset that they would not be able to meet with Haley because of time constraints, The Associated Press reported.

According to the AP, camp residents intended to give Haley a letter on the “current crisis” in the country, which has been locked in a civil war for almost four years. That conflict has left tens of thousands of people dead and millions more displaced.

The U.N. later said that a petition had been given to Haley, the AP reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, Haley met with President Salva Kiir, whom she said she told that the U.S. was losing patience with the South Sudanese government’s efforts to end the country’s ongoing civil war.
“We have lost trust in this government and we now need to regain that trust,” Haley said in a statement released by the U.N. Mission in South Sudan. “The only way to regain that trust is through the actions of taking care of all of the people. President Kiir is the president of everyone, not just one tribe, not just one group.”

The U.S. has invested roughly $11 billion in aid in South Sudan, making it the country’s largest provider of humanitarian financial assistance.

“We are disappointed by what we are seeing. This is not what we thought we were investing in,” Haley said. “What we thought we were investing in was a free, fair society where people could be safe and South Sudan is the opposite of that.”

Haley traveled to Ethiopia on Monday, her first stop on a three-nation tour in Africa. Much of that visit is focused on the current situation in South Sudan.

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