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JUST IN: Nikki Haley Responds To Rumored Affair With Trump

Nikki Haley has been one of President Trump’s biggest cheerleaders since she joined his administration — which wasn’t always the case before the two began working together. Anyway, it’s easy to see that Trump values Haley’s work ethic and pro-America stance that she gracefully emits on the world stage.

Because of their close working relationship, the perverted, Godless liberals automatically jump to accusing them of having illicit relations. Luckily, Haley addressed that rather quickly…

DailyWire reports:

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has become one of the most powerful members of the Trump Administration and has won kudos for her staunch defense of America in that anti-America body, is now fighting another battle; blasting those who would suggest she is having an extramarital affair with President Trump.

That rumor was given life by the author of the fact-challenged book, “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff, who appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” last week and purred that he was “absolutely sure” Trump is having an affair. He said that careful readers of his book could find a clue, concluding, “Now that I’ve told you, when you hit that paragraph, you’re gonna say, ‘Bingo.’”

As Politico writes, “Readers quickly homed in on a single sentence in the runaway bestseller, which has been criticized for everything from sloppy copy editing to gross factual inaccuracies. Wolff writes, ‘The president had been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.’”

That did it; the rumors of an alleged affair between Haley and Trump sprang to life.

Haley was justifiably disgusted, telling POLITICO’s Women Rule podcast, “It is absolutely not true. … I have literally been on Air Force One once and there were several people in the room when I was there.”

That trip was Washington to Long Island last July. Haley added:

He says that I’ve been talking a lot with the president in the Oval about my political future. I’ve never talked once to the president about my future and I am never alone with him. So the idea that these things come out, that’s a problem. But it goes to a bigger issue that we need to always be conscious of: At every point in my life, I’ve noticed that if you speak your mind and you’re strong about it and you say what you believe, there is a small percentage of people that resent that and the way they deal with it is to try and throw arrows, lies or not.

This is not the first time that Haley has faced down scurrilous rumors; she was accused of an extramarital affair when she ran for governor of South Carolina and during the early parts of her tenure as governor.

She stated:

I saw this as a legislator. I saw this when I was governor. I see it now. I see them do it to other women. And the thing is, when women work, they prioritize, they focus, and they believe if you’re gonna to something, do it right. Others see that as either too ambitious or stepping out of line. And the truth is, we need to continue to do our job and if that means they consider it stepping out of line, fine. And if that means they’re gonna throw stones, people see lies for what it is. Do I like it? No. Is it right? No. Is it gonna slow me down? Not at all. Every time this has happened, it only makes me fight harder. And I do it for the sake of other women that are behind me because they should never think that they have to put their head down and cower out of fear that somebody’s gonna do something to you.

Haley has been married to her husband Michael since 1996; he is an officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard and spent a year deploying to Afghanistan starting in 2013. They have two children, a son and a daughter.

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