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JUST IN: McCain Betrays Veterans Everywhere With Shock Move After Cancer Diagnosis

Sen. John McCain, who certainly has a respectable service record as a Vietnam POW, has been the subject of critique from many conservatives for getting a little too comfortable enjoying the backdoor, shady deals made in the halls of Congress.

Now he’s taking fire after his brain cancer diagnosis for what he DIDN’T let the VA do — the same VA he allegedly tells veterans they’d be crazy not to use for all their medical needs.

Disabled Veterans reports:

One of the most infamous veterans, Senator John McCain (R-Az), rejected free VA surgical services when he instead received surgical treatment at Mayo for emergency brain tumor removal.

Over the past two months, Washington DC insiders have wondered why McCain has behaved so erratically, often tripping on his questioning during hearings. Last week, McCain supposedly needed non-emergent surgery on a blood clot in his cheek.

Yesterday, it was announced McCain received emergency surgery to remove a deadly brain tumor called a glioblastoma during a 3-hour procedure at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

This kind of brain cancer is generally terminal with a short amount of time between diagnosis and death.

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, this condition is a particularly aggressive tumor. The median survival rate post-diagnosis is 14 months meaning McCain will likely step down from office immediately.

McCain is historically noted as telling veterans it is “foolish” for them to pursue non-VA care while he refuses to receive health care from Phoenix VA. It is important to note Mayo Clinic now refuses to accept Veterans Choice to treat veterans eligible for non-VA care.

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