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JUST IN: Laura Ingraham Sells Out… Offers Public Apology To David Hogg

Wow, for a while there, Laura Ingraham’s new show on Fox News (well, it’s had a 100 episodes, but still pretty new), was quickly becoming one of my favorites because she’s smart, bold and willing to nearly go Tucker Carlson on guests if it’s called for.

But the moment some anti-gun, liberal teen launched a campaign to get her advertisers to pull out, she buckled like a wet paper bag under an anvil. I mean, to the point where it’s embarrassing. And I’ll never watch her show again. Yeah, that bad.

Remember when liberals targeted Hannity’s show? Did he back down or apologize? HECK NO.

Breitbart reports:

David Hogg launched a campaign against Laura Ingraham over comments she made about him and within hours Ingraham apologized and described Hogg as a “brave victim of Parkland.”

The tension began when Ingraham pointed out that Hogg had been “rejected by four colleges to which he applied.” She added, “he whines about it.”

Hour after she tweeted those words Hogg fired off a tweet of his own, listing advertisers of Ingraham’s show in a bid to get them to drop her:

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish was the first to cut ties with Ingraham, followed by TripAdvisor.

Ingraham soon tweeted apologies to Hogg and described him as a “brave victim of Parkland:”

In a subsequent tweet she referred to Hogg as “poised” and made clear he is welcome on her show anytime.

Share this all over Facebook so that Fox News viewers know not to take Ingraham seriously from this point on. What a total sellout.

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