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JUST IN: Even After Vegas Massacre, This Thug NFL Player Sat For The Anthem Tonight

Washington Times

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters met with outrage at the Monday night NFL game by refusing to stand for the national anthem in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

Mr. Peters, who has sat on the bench for the anthem all season, was one of two Kansas City players who failed to stand, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, but the only one shown on camera by ESPN.

The blowback on social media was intense, with critics accusing him of making a divisive political statement with the nation mourning the deaths of 59 people in the Sunday night shooting, the deadliest in U.S. history.

“Of all the days for the jerk #MarcusPeters to make his small little stmt,” said @marybrittles on Twitter.

David Wohl, a political analyst and surrogate for the Trump campaign, called Mr. Peters a “miserable ingrate.”

Before the game, the players and fans honored with a moment of silence “the victims, their families and loved ones, and also the heroic efforts of our first responders.”

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