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JUST IN: Bolling Drops Bombshell About Fox News During CNN Interview

Former Fox News all-star and beloved host, Eric Bolling, had an extremely tough year in both his business and personal life. First exiting from Fox News when the accusations against every male in the business were rampant and then losing his only son shortly thereafter.

Bolling perservered by taking some time for himself and his family while mounting a comeback through the use of his social media pages with a new mission to bust open the war on opioid addiction. He’s also a friend and long-time supporter of President Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, Trump even called Bolling on Thanksgiving of 2017 to wish him well and express his condolences over the loss of his son. That’s something you probably didn’t see in the mainstream media.

The former Fox News host has recently begun making a comeback on the 24/7 cable news cycle, most recently with an interview on CNN, where he made an admission that probably shocked the entire audience watching at home.

During the interview, he dropped a bombshell saying that contrary to popular belief, there are not many pro-Trump news people at Fox News.

Bolling also denied he was in talks with Trump’s White House about a possible spot in the communications department.

The Hill reports:

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling on Sunday denied that he is in talks with the White House for an administration position.

Bolling told CNN that comments he made last week about working for President Trump were spurred by the massive government spending deal he claims the president was forced to sign.

“I was so infuriated when I saw that big $1.3 trillion omnibus bill, this massive bill. Donald Trump wanted funding for the wall,” Bolling said on “Reliable Sources.”

“There was a drop in the bucket funding for the wall and he got pushed, that was thrown on him.”

Bolling said last week that he would be willing to work for Trump for as little as $1 if it meant he could work with the president to help achieve his policy goals.

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