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Judge Nap Just Made Millions Of Trump Supporters Furious

President Trump doesn’t have as many friends in the mainstream media as he does enemies, but several analysts and reporters have been, at the very least, fair to the president instead of defaulting to attack mode.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has been a strong Trump supporter from the beginning, but recently said something that has a lot of Trump fans not too happy. While the Judge has years of legal experience, what he’s claiming — according to other legal experts — is a stretch at best.

We have a feeling that the coming days and weeks will reveal everyone else outside of politics who are loyal to the deep state…

Washington Examiner reports:

Fox News personality Judge Andrew Napolitano said the firing of former top FBI official Andrew McCabe could be seen as an attempt to obstruct justice.

“Andrew McCabe is more likely than not to be a witness against the attorney general’s boss, the president of the United States,” Napolitano said, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation. “I think that firing him in that environment could very well be interpreted as an effort to diminish his effectiveness as a witness. What’s that called? Obstruction of justice.”

Napolitano has referred to Trump as a “friend” and claimed to have had “numerous engagements with him on the telephone and in person.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on Friday for having “made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor — including under oath — on multiple occasions.

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