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JROTC Students Become Instant Heroes During Florida School Massacre

There will always be sheep and people who choose to protect the flock, which is exactly what these two outstanding young men did during the Parkland, FL school shooting.

As alleged suspect Nikolas Cruz began firing, these fine young men didn’t hesitate to act…

Daily Caller reports:

Zackary Walls and Colton Haab, two Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps members, saved countless lives with quick thinking and a little bit of kevlar during Wednesday’s horrific attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Walls and Haab described their heroic actions during a Thursday interview with ABC News.

Walls, a company commander, explained that while leading a group of roughly 60 students outside in response to a fire alarm pulled by suspected shooter Nikolaus Cruz, he realized the students’ “fire zone was exactly where the shooter was.”

“I heard the first two or three shots, I knew it was gunshots, and I look back at all the kids behind me. There’s 60 kids looking at me,” he continued. “‘What do I do? Where do I go?’ and I just yell, ‘get back in the classroom!’”

Walls and Haab, a JROTC captain, eventually took shelter in the same classroom, where they decided to build a shield out of the kevlar curtains used for JROTC training exercises to protect the students.

“I brought those curtains out because I knew exactly what they were made of,” Haab added. “I never thought that we’d need them… but after yesterday, I’m glad that we had them.”

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