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John Legend Launches Brutal Anti-NRA Attack… Time To Boycott Him

John Legend Attacks NRA: 'The NRA Is A Danger To This Nation And To The Police'

On Friday, pop star John Legend attacked the NRA, tweeting that the organization was a “danger to this nation and to the police.”

I wonder what makes life more difficult for police. That we have so many guns per capita in America or me being upset when cops get away with murder. The NRA is a danger to this nation and to the police.

Legend was responding to this tweet from former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik:

Kerik’s tweet linked to an appearance he had made on NRA TV, where he stated, “I think that the criminals out there–the bad guys who want to do bad things—are emboldened by people like John Legend and others who spew this nonsense rhetoric that is completely false and [lie] to generate divisiveness in communities.”

Host Grant Stichfield commented that Legend had “proven his ignorance by what he writes on Twitter,” adding that Legend had done a disservice to America and the people of his community.

Legend had tweeted on April 23:

Kerik pointed out, “IN 2017, there were 10 million arrests. There were 963 people killed by police officers; out of that, 457 were white; 223 were black. Twice as many whites were killed in engagements with cops.”

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