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Huge NFL Players Tease Woman Who’s Angry About Players Kneeling For Anthem

After dozens of millionaire “athletes” who get paid tons of cash to throw a ball around with their college or high school buddies (aka, NFL players) took a knee for the National Anthem during the 2017-18 season, millions of Americans tuned out.

Why? Because we’re patriots. We respect our anthem, our flag and our troops who died protecting it. So for these primadonna players to disrespect everything we believe in was a big deal — especially coming from a sport watched primarily by blue-collar, hard-working patriots who used to enjoy the game to escape regular day-to-day life.

So, players shouldn’t be that surprised when (former) fans heckle them for their cowardly actions. The woman described in the story below did exactly that.

Sure, it may not be the way you or I would go about it, and she may not be 100% accurate on the “taxes” part (that is partially the case in several cities with partially taxpayer-funded stadiums) but I absolutely get her anger and frustration.

And then they turn around and make fun of her? I wish we were kidding…

Daily Snark reports:

Many NFL fans are unhappy with the way players have gone about kneeling during the National Anthem prior to games, refusing to go to games, shutting off their, and boycotting the league as a whole to show their spurn.

This woman has gone a step further.

Two Seahawks players were followed to work at the team facility by this fan, who barraged them with profanities from her car window in attempt to show her disdain.

Share this everywhere so America knows exactly what these players think about fans who are angry over the anthem-kneeling.

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