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Hillary Humiliates Herself AGAIN With More Election Loss Excuses

Ever since she began taking walks through the woods after her crushing loss to President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has had an abundance of time to come up with an ever-growing list of reasons why she thinks she lost the 2016 election.

For a while last year, it seemed like every week she would rattle off a new excuse. But she finally stopped after her own party essentially told her to go back to hiking, that is, until today. She just reminded a large crowd why Trump beat her… and it’s hilarious.

Washington Examiner reports:

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday recited a list of several factors that contributed to her 2016 loss against Donald Trump, and said America is in a “really bad spot” with President Trump in the White House.

“[E]very day that goes by there’s more evidence and more proof of Russia and fake news and Cambridge Analytica and misogyny and sexism,” she said. “I mean it’s hard, it’s very hard.”

She said the “lock her up” chants that Trump led during the election and other protests around her were signs of misogyny.

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“Some of you probably remember when Kathy Griffin held up the head of Trump,” she said. “What you may not remember is they were selling Trump holding up my head at the Republican convention and nobody said a word.”

Clinton also repeated her claim that she would have won her race against Trump if former FBI Director James Comey hadn’t said publicly that he had reopened his investigation into her use of a private email server.

“But for the letter he wrote on October 28th I would have won,” she said.

She also blamed Russia for trying to influence the election.

“You had the Russians stealing the DNC emails and then stealing emails from my campaign,” she said. “And on October 7th the CIA director said for the first time that the Russians were interfering in our election.”

Clinton also dinged the NRA.

“You know the NRA has spent more money on me than any other candidate,” she said. “We’ll find out if any of that was Russian money.

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