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Here’s The 3 Seahawks Thugs Who Spit On America Tonight

After an insane week of NFL teams and players cowering in locker rooms and taking a knee for the national anthem (oh… and “locking arms,” which needs to go, too), one would assume that they got whatever it was that was bothering them off their chest.

Many teams did announce they were done throwing hissy fits, after massive anti-NFL boycotts dropped ticket sales and ratings.

But there were a few who thought the best approach was to tick off America once again — this time by literally sitting on the bench like a pack of idiots while 45,000 other people in the stadium stood with respect.

Let’s introduce you to these jokers:

One of the disrespectful players is none other than the infamous Michael Bennett, who was recent arrested for doing thug stuff, cried “racism” and then was humiliated after cops revealed body cam footage that proved the cops were justified in taking him down.

If there’s one thing my parents taught me, it’s that people who don’t like cops are usually people who like break the law. With as many NFL players who get arrested throughout the year, it’s no wonder they hate cops.

Thugs will be thugs.

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