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Head Of Planned Parenthood Knows She’s a Better Parent Than You

It’s a little more than ironic that the head of an organization that kills thousands of babies each year thinks she’s got the parenting game mastered and is better at it than you…

DailyWire reports:

Cecile Richards, rabid abortion activist and outgoing head of Planned Parenthood, took time out of her busy schedule overseeing the national abortion provider-slash-baby parts conglomerate to pen an essay on her “top ten tips” for raising kids (or, at least, the ones that survive Planned Parenthood).

In an excerpt from her new tell-all memoir, published in the Dallas Morning News, Cecile Richards tells of becoming unexpectedly pregnant, and, figuring that there was no “good” time to have a baby, she and her husband decided to simply “make it work” and that they’d “figure it out” — something she regularly encourages other women not to do.

But be that as it may, Richards goes on to describe the best way to raise children, using plenty of very pro-life ideas she clearly doesn’t realize are pro-life, including asking your friends and family to help out, and taking parenting one day at a time, always being prepared for the unexpected difficulties, but anticipating unplanned joy.

Strangely, enough, though, she also embraces some very non-feminist ideas. Sure, she’s careful to suggest that gender roles are determined early and that society places pressure on men and women to conform to specific molds, but she also admits in her piece that the “work-life balance” is largely a myth, and that women are natural caretakers who gravitate toward the more nurturing jobs while parenting children — and that that can have an impact on women’s careers.

I know even as I write this that some people aren’t going to like it. But this is the truth: No matter how evolved you are, no matter your family makeup or the gender roles in your home, in any family with kids, someone has to remember birthdays, make lunches, keep track of doctor’s appointments, give pep talks, and coordinate after-school activities and holidays

That’s not shocking news to most normal people. But coming from Cecile Richards? That’s shocking news.

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