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Hard-Working Roofers Go Viral After Pausing and Standing For National Anthem

Fox 45 News

A high school football game has indirectly gone viral yet it has nothing to do with what happened on the field.

Before a game between Old Town High School and Waterville High in Portland, Me., the national anthem was played.

According to eyewitness Michelle Lyons Cossar, someone in the stands said, “Hey, look! They aren’t kneeling.”

The crowd was referring to a group of roofers working on a house nearby. As the anthem was played and the flag was displayed, the roofers stood on the house they were working on with hands on their hearts.

“I took the photo to capture a moment that tugged on my heart strings,” Cossar said. “These men didn’t need to stop roofing but they did.”

Cossar was able to speak with one of the roofers in the picture, who she refers to as “#classyroofers,” before the photo went viral. She believes, “it just showed such class and respect.”

Kneeling during the national anthem has become a controversial issue recently. During week 3 of the 2017 NFL season, over 200 players knelt during the national anthem after President Trump called for any player who protests to be fired.

Since that controversy, Trump has changed his stance and says that players should be given suspensions every time they decide to protest.

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