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Trey Gowdy Just Destroyed Comey With 1 Sentence Of Truth

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said former FBI Director James Comey has a different definition of a “leak” than anyone else.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson, the former federal prosecutor weighed in on Comey’s sitdown with Bret Baier, where Comey insisted he did not “leak” his memos about his conversations with President Trump.

.@Comey: “I don’t consider what I did with Mr. Richman a leak. I told him about an unclassified conversation with @POTUS.” #SpecialReport

He said the memos – which he shared with the media through an intermediary – related to “unclassified conversations” with Trump, characterizing the documents as a personal “diary,” not a “work product.”

Gowdy disputed Comey’s explanation, saying his definition of a leak “is what the rest of us call a felony.” One night earlier, Comey told Anderson Cooper that he views a leak as a “unauthorized disclosure of classified information.”

“‘Leaking’ is disclosing a confidential conversation, which is exactly what he did,” said Gowdy.

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