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GOP Rep Says “Heads Will Roll” When Trump Releases FISA Memo

The long-awaited memo that could literally change the course of the Democratic party is on the verge of being released after President Trump reviews it and the implications, according to top lawmakers, could be absolutely devastating for the Democratic party.

Not only will it, as Trey Gowdy said, “embarrass” top lawmakers, it will also further stain the legacy of former Presidential disaster Barack Obama and his Justice Department.

Rep. Matt Gaetz just dropped another massive hint about the FISA memo that will have us on the edge of our seats…

Gateway Pundit reports:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) went on with Stuart Varney on Tuesday morning the day after the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a secret FISA memo.

Matt Gaetz told Start the American people will be shocked when they finally see this memo.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I think the American people will be shocked about the contents of this memo, about the processes that were used to engage in surveillance. And fundamentally I think this is going to lead to major changes at the FBI and Department of Justice. We’ve already seen Andrew McCabe announce his retirement, his early retirement yesterday. I expect more heads will roll. I also think that there could be criminal consequences as a result of the information we learn… I suspect that transparency is going to be the only kryptonite that we are going to be able to use to deal with the corruption and intractible bias that seems to have infected the FBI and Department of Justice. I would hope the Democrats would be more a little more bipartisan about this.

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