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Goodell Takes Stand On Social Justice Issue… Infuriates Millions

The NFL has faced a massive list of controversy over the past decade (and more), including felony arrests, sickening video of domestic abuse, murder, and most recently — not clamping down on keeping players from disrespecting the National Anthem and the American flag.

Commissioner Roger Goodell lost all but a shred of credit throughout the process, especially with patriotic Americans who’re sick and tired of players protesting “social justice,” conveniently when the cameras are on them (but rarely outside of that).

But that didn’t stop Goodell from throwing upwards of $100 million in cash at “social justice” initiatives and this week, along with several other players, he joined in on talks with social justice advocates in New Orleans…

Breitbart reports:

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell spent nine hours meeting with social justice advocates in New Orleans on Tuesday, to find out just how the league could help promote social justice issues.

Even as the NFL seems interested in putting an end to player protests during the national anthem, it is clear from Goodell’s participation in New Orleans that as an organization, the NFL is fully supporting the players and their social justice issues, according to USA Today.

Goodell joined Saints linebacker Demario Davis, tight end Benjamin Watson, as well as Saints owner Gayle Benson and Saints president Dennis Lauscha, to talk to people involved in the criminal justice system in the Crescent City. The biggest topic was the cash bail system that detractors say puts people at risk of losing jobs, homes, and their children.

The NFL chief attended without an entourage and made no public statements before or after the day’s discussions. However, he was seen earnestly listening to speakers, asking crucial questions about how the league could help highlight their issues, and taking copious notes.

Norris Henderson, founder of Voice of the Experienced, Praised Goodell’s participation.

“But to hear the commissioner taking this in,” Henderson said, “and trying to get educated and … understanding the roles these individuals are taking inside their different communities and the importance of it, for him to see all this stuff up close and personal and hear all the challenges people face daily is huge.”

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