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Former Navy SEAL Lawmaker Vows To Donate Salary To Troops During “Schumer Shutdown”

Congress is full of powerful, often-shady and corrupt people who the voters of the United States still manage to put in office and continue to re-elect for years — sometimes decades. But they’re not all bad and we just found one that rose head and shoulders above the rest.

Virginia Rep. Scott Taylor — who also happens to be a completely badass former Navy SEAL — just made a promise to our troops that every red-blooded American can appreciate.

Newsmax reports:

Rep. Scott Taylor, a member of the House Veterans Affairs and Military Construction committees, said Monday he’s donating his salary during the shutdown to veterans’ organizations.

“If we’re not doing our work, we shouldn’t get paid, and certainly not getting paid while the military doesn’t get paid, who are overseas fighting for us,” the Virginia Republican, a former Navy SEAL, told Fox News “Fox & Friends.”

Taylor said in the first two days, he directed his salary to a group working for homeless veterans, and another that deals with preventing suicides among veterans.

“If we are going to shut down today, it will be [donated to] Operation Homefront, which helps active duty families with financial hardship, which is obviously appropriate for right now,” said Taylor.

He also said he does not think there would be a government shutdown if lawmakers were not getting paid, because while some lawmakers are independently wealthy, “many are not.”

In addition to people in the military, there are also federal workers in defense contracting and other support professions who will not be paid during the shutdown, said Taylor and will feel “pain very quickly, starting today.”

“I think if lawmakers weren’t getting paid they would feel the same pain and you wouldn’t have this unnecessary shutdown,” he said.

Taylor also commented on the politics behind the shutdown, telling the program he believes Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “miscalculated” by using immigration as an issue for the continuing resolution talks.

“While folks want to get a deal, it should not hold up the funding of the government,” he said. “I know the American people believe the same, that it should not hold up government funding for immigration. It’s a separate issue.

“There was a miscalculation. As you know, can you add up all the GOP votes in the Senate and you still need Democrat support to get to 60 votes. It’s an unnecessary shutdown and should end today.”

13 News Now reports on Taylor’s fellow lawmaker:

Taylor’s fellow Republican, Congressman Rob Wittman, who represents the 1st Congressional District, also tweeted Saturday. His tweet included a copy of a letter he sent to the House of Representatives’ chief administrative officer instructing him to withhold Wittman’s pay until an appropriations agreement took effect.

The government announced it was shutting down Saturday after the Senate blocked a short-term spending bill — called a “continuing resolution” — Friday night as the prior short-term spending measure expired.

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