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Former Hillary Staffer Suggests Hillary Clinton Might Run In 2020

Hillary Clinton failed so hard in 2016. One would think that with her political capital and resources alone, she’d have the best of the best when it comes to campaign advisement… but obviously that wasn’t the case.

Any reasonable person, after losing in such grand fashion multiple times, would give it up and enjoy the good years they have left… but we’re talking about Hillary Clinton, and she may not be done yet.

The thought of Hillary running again in 2020 is actually one we’re okay with, as it would be a much easier win for President Trump as opposed to running against someone like Joe Biden. But can you imagine being a Democrat right now, with rumors of a potential Hillary run? I’d be switching parties, quick…

The Week reports:

Ready to go through the 2016 election all over again?

Philippe Reines, who worked for Hillary Clinton going back to 2002 and was her senior adviser at the State Department, made the argument to Politico Friday that the former Democratic nominee might actually be the party’s best hope for defeating Trump in 2020. He said no other Democrat has “anywhere near a base of 32 million people,” especially not Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The party, he feels, shouldn’t dismiss her as a failed candidate because she’s “smarter” and “tougher” than most, and she “could raise money easier than most.”

But it doesn’t sound like this is just wishful thinking on his part. He really thinks it could happen, saying the chances of Clinton running in 2020 are “not zero.”

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