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Former Fox News Anchor Hits Bill O’Reilly With Massive Lawsuit

Former Fox News all-star Bill O’Reilly was forced out of the network over claims from multiple women… claims that have never proven to be true or false. Many believe part of the reason his show was canceled is because of the new executive leadership at Fox — who definitely aren’t conservatives — wanted him out regardless.

Either way, O’Reilly has already begun to make a comeback, as he still has millions of faithful fans. But now he has to deal with another legal battle — this time from a former Fox News anchor.

TMZ reports:

One of Bill O’Reilly’s former co-workers isn’t standing for what she considers his trash talk about FOX paying sexual harassment settlements — she’s filed a defamation suit against him.

Former FOX News anchor Laurie Dhue is suing Bill for comments he made after FOX News paid settlements to 5 women … including Laurie, who reportedly got over $1 million. In her suit, Laurie takes umbrage with Bill’s statement that he was fired over “completely unfounded claims.”

Further, she says his claim, during a Matt Lauer interview, that he “never mistreated anyone on [his] watch in 42 years” is not only a lie … it’s also damaging her career. As she puts it, no one’s going to hire a journalist who’s been labeled a liar.

And there’s this bizarre aside — Laurie says her image has been used in online ads for male enhancement pills, which also feature O’Reilly. Seems like she’s saying she’s been unnecessarily dragged into the penis pill market, due to her association with O’Reilly.

A former junior producer at FOX, Rachel Bernstein, filed a similar suit in December against O’Reilly.

We’ve reached out to a rep for O’Reilly … so far no word back.

Laurie Dhue

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