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Former Football Star Accused Of Beating Wife And Threatening To Kill Her

At some point in time, the NFL was full of regular athletes who trained hard, played hard and were then handsomely rewarded for it. They represented the professional sports league on and off the field. Sure, some would get caught up in the occasional bar fight or drunk driving incident, but they’re human, right?

Fast forward to the modern age, and domestic violence charges within the league are skyrocketing. What makes these 300lb jerks think that they have any reason whatsoever to lay a hand on a woman a third of their size? It’s outrageous and disgusting and just proves that when people call the NFL the “national felon’s league,” it’s not much of an exaggeration.

Daily Snark reports:

Former NFL running back Derrick Ward is accused of some serious allegations.

According to TMZ, Ward’s wife Naomi Lee Allen-Ward claims her husband verbally, physically and emotionally was abusive towards her many times. In the legal documents, she claims the former New York Giants running back even threatened to kill her over nothing at all.

Derrick Ward and wife Naomi Lee

TMZ Sports has the details:

“She gives several instances in her docs, including one where she says he was schooling her daughter about scuffed shoes and she chimed in to help calm down the situation. She says he responded, “You always have to f***ing say something! I hate you! I’ll kill you! I don’t care if I go to jail.”

In another instance, during an argument in October of last year, she says he lunged toward her, poked her in the face and put his hands around her throat, saying, “You’re so f***ing stupid.”

She says she’s been on the receiving end of monthly outbursts since their relationship began 9 years ago, but he became physically abusive over the last year. She says he shoves her, punches walls, breaks objects … all in front of their children.”
His wife had already filed a restraining order against him and has been ordered do stay 100 yards away from his wife and children.

Ward was a 7th round draft pick back in 2004 by the New York Jets and spent four seasons with the New York Giants and was apart of the 2007 Super Bowl Giants squad.

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