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Fewer NFL Teams Kneeling In Wake Of Fans Boycotting NFL Games…

CBS Sports

After nearly 200 players knelt during the national anthem in Week 3, far fewer plays chose to kneel during the anthem this past Sunday.

According to, there were only a total of 52 players who knelt to protest racial injustice during the national anthem this week after roughly 180 players knelt in Week 3. The

Week 3 protests came just days after Donald Trump ripped the NFL during a rally in Alabama.

Back on Sept. 22, Trump called on all NFL owners to “fire” all protesting players . The president also referred to the protesting players as “sons of b——.”

The NFL’s 32 teams responded by holding the largest protest to date. However, just 10 days after Trump’s comments, most teams decided to pivot away from their Week 3 protest. The Saints and Ravens were among the teams that knelt before the national anthem but actually stood while the anthem was playing.

In Detroit, Lions owner Martha Ford said that she would financially support their social causes if they refused to kneel during the national anthem. With owners like Ford encouraging their players to stand, the number of players protesting during the anthem took a considerable hit in Week 4.

The 52 players who decided to kneel came from just seven teams, with 30 of the players coming from the 49ers, nine players coming from the Seahawks, six players coming from the Bills, three players coming from the Dolphins, two players coming from the Lions and one player each coming from the Raiders and Giants.

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