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Famous Artist Puts Nancy Pelosi In Her Place With Head-Turning Image

The hypocritical arrogance of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be her doom.

Recently, the career Democrat has been trashing the $1000+ bonuses companies are giving to employees because of tax reform pushed through by President Donald Trump — and one artist, named Catalino, is not going to let Pelosi get away so easily.

So he concocted a simple, yet powerful rebuttal in the form of a one-paneled comic:

A homeless man looking for Nancy Pelosi’s $1,000 “crumbs.” Brutal.

In addition, Pelosi’s hypocrisy shines through greatly, as her recent comments don’t match with what she said about an Obama-era payroll tax cut.

The Daily Caller reports:

In Obama’s second term, the White House boasted that they had extended a payroll tax cut that would give Americans $40 extra dollars per paycheck — about $2000 a year.

Pelosi tweeted about how helpful the $40 would be for families, writing, “each paycheck will make a difference.”

Yet after businesses began giving employees $1000 and $2000 bonuses, plus additional benefits, Pelosi repeatedly called the money “crumbs.”

Despite backlash over her insistence that the bonuses weren’t significant for middle class families, Pelosi doubled down on her comments, stating, “They give banquets to… the high end, to corporate America, and I say ‘crumbs.’”

Only a rich woman such as Pelosi — who has a shockingly questionable net worth of over $35,000,000 — would think $1,000 are “crumbs.” For the average American, that is over five months worth of groceries. It is three months of heating heating bills in many parts of the country.

It is a lot of money to most of the people in this country — and Nancy should be called out big time for her hysteria.

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