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Event Honoring Veterans To Burn NFL Gear And Host a BBQ

Fox 8 Live

WAGGAMAN, LA (WVUE) – An event honoring Veterans will also openly condemn the National Football League and The New Orleans Saints by featuring a merchandise burn.

The event, named Honor Veterans, NFL Burn & BBQ, will be held at 1 Honeysuckle Lane in Waggaman.

According to a press release issued by A1C James White, USAF (ret), the event is meant to give a voice to Veterans who are infuriated with recent controversial statements being made at football games.

“Veterans across Louisiana are infuriated with not only the blatant disrespect of our flag and anthem, but also the unwarranted verbal attack by the New Orleans Saints on a highly decorated senior military officer,” according to the news release. “It is our intention to voice our extreme displeasure with the Saints and entire NFL.”

During the event Veterans are invited to bring any NFL or New Orleans Saints merchandise to burn in the protest.

Special guest of honor, CDR John Wells USN (Ret.), will be in attendance. Wells recently declined to accept an award from The Saints citing his displeasure with the player protests.

Also attending will be Colonel Rob Maness, USAF (Ret).

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