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Doctors Begged Mom To Abort… Her Answer Defied All Odds

Doctors Told Mom 20 Times To Abort This Now Miraculously Healthy Baby

The Left wishes to make the abortion of babies with a disability a new standard for the West. Just look into the crystal ball that is Western Europe, where Down syndrome babies are nearly extinct.

While every baby, including and especially ones diagnosed with disabilities in the womb, deserves life from conception until natural death, it is important to highlight cases where doctors predicted a child would have crippling disabilities and advised their mother to abort them based on that diagnosis, only to have the child live on to prove them wrong.

According to LifeNews, Samantha Dukes of Scotland nearly aborted her son, Dexson, when doctors told her he would die immediately after birth from spina bifida, conjoined kidneys and a brain disorder.

For an estimated total of 20 times, the doctors pressured Dukes into aborting her son as a way to speed up the process. She refused and her son is now four years old and functioning.

“But even when I was 33 weeks pregnant, I was still being asked, ‘Are you sure you want to continue? it’s not too late,’” she remembered. “I was asked if I wanted one [an abortion] every time I had an appointment. I was told because he had no cerebellum in his brain he wouldn’t even be able to hold his head up, he’d be a vegetable.”

Dexson was born on March 24, 2014, and underwent several surgeries during the first few weeks of life. He still feels pain in his back and legs from the spina bifida, but another future surgery on his spinal cord should help to alleviate that.

“You never hear him complain,” she said. “He’s such a happy little boy and I’m awfully proud to be his mum.”

“He’s a wee miracle,” Dukes continued. “To look at him, you’d think there was nothing wrong with him. He’s an inspirational little boy.”

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